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A wide range of high quality Chinese course for all levels.

Interesting, practical culture courses including traditional Chinese Medicine, calligraphy, painting, massage, tea ceremony, Chinese traditional handcraft, flower arrangement.

Work according to your schedule, take your classes at home, office or our center.

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Professional Practical Chinese Language Course

Daily Chinese

HSK Test Prep courses

Survival Business Mandarin

Business Chinese

Travel Chinese Lessons

Chinese Reading Course (Newspaper, Magazines and Internet)

Chinese lessons for teens

Chinese lessons for kids

Interesting Traditional Chinese Culture Course

In order to Learn Chinese to the highest standard it is important to develop a firm grip on Chinese Culture, the introduction of Cultural Activities alongside our full immersion attitude will set you in the right direction!

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Every new customer gets a free trial lesson(30min) before signing up. It is completely free and there is no obligation. The sole purpose of the free Chinese lesson is to show Chinese learners how our system works and how easy it is to learn Chinese online with one of our professional Chinese teachers.

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Value-added service

China study tour

       We have years of experience in travel and visit projects arrangements. Chinese classes, cultural activities, weekend trip, short visit for the primary school, high school, college, international school for enterprises and individuals can be arranged.

Corporate language and culture training

       With years of experience in enterprise service, we provide customized professional training in Chinese and Chinese culture to help corporate employees quickly cope with their work and life in China.

Business consulting and customized group activity

       Based on the demand of clients, we provide business consulting service and customized team activities. Also, we could help arrange health inspection for foreign employees.

Labor dispatching

       We have years of experience in dispatching Chinese language teachers, interns and part-time employees to Chinese and foreign enterprises. We also arrange jobs and internships for foreigners in China and this could help reduce the human resource management cost.


With a culture so vastly different from that of the West, Studying Chinese in China is about so much more than just learning the language. We have different Chinese cultural salons,the activities aim to teach students about Chinese Culture and encourage each participant to use his/ her Chinese.

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